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That's How We Do It - CD/DVD Combo

That's How We Do It - CD/DVD Combo

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Anjelah's one hour special debut on Comedy Central! The DVD contains 30 minutes of extra content not shown on TV including an appearance by The Beat Freaks (from Americas Best Dance Crew).

Track List:Merch Method, Inc

1. What's Up Houston?
2. My Name
3. Growing Up Poor
4. Married Couples
5. Technology
6. Nosey Sister
7. Sneak Into A Club
8. Oakland Raiders
9. Nail Salon
10. Blue Shirt
11. Head Nod
12. Big Butt
13. That's How We Do It
14. Church
15. Roscoes
16. Karate
17. Kill 'Em With Kindness
18. Hollywood Homeless
19. New Car
20. Valet
21. Southwest Airlines
22. Beat Freaks Intro*
23. Family Oriented*
24. Fortune Cookie*
25. Dating Habits*
26. Christian Rap*
27. Talking To Married Couples*
28. Meet Tia Mary*

* Bonus Tracks only available on the DVD!



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