Online Stores

Merch Method designs and develops individual web stores for online sales and artist representation in the marketplace. Our state of the art e-commerce platform gives us the advantage over the competition. Merch Method is a fully vertical merchandise company. We maintain inventory, use fully automated accounting procedures including real time sales reports, and provide complete fulfillment services. An online store is essential in today's market and we ensure your merchandise is secure. Our in-house shipping department provides detailed tracking on all orders. All product shipped is backed by Merch Method's high quality standards.

Tour Merchandising

We are a full service tour merchandising company with a wide spectrum of services including worldwide shipping, forecasting, merchandise management, quality control, and road representation. From small venues to arenas, from upcoming bands to major touring bands, our dedicated and experienced touring staff allows our clients to have confidence in all their touring needs.


Merch Method distributes wholesale merchandise to retailers worldwide. Using our established relationships with over 2000 independent retailers and chain stores including Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts, Virgin Megastore, Best Buy, Zumiez and many others, allows us to create higher revenues and maximum exposure for your band or project. These relationships also allow us to create in-store signings, contests, giveaways, and promotion opportunities to help brand your band. Merch Method produces an annual catalog that allows our network of buyers to be continually up to date on the latest merchandise and accessories.

Design Studio

Merch Method design studio is known for creativity, collaboration, and customer service. We'll lead with creative concepts, stand-out design options, compelling content and information architecture that reflects your band and your needs. We listen to your feedback and take your ideas to the next level to create dynamic web stores and the most current merchandise designs. We have extensive experience and a total dedication to making it happen, when you want it, how you want it.



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